INNOVEX is transforming solar operations and maintenance through REMOT technology

It is reported that  565 million people in Africa still live without access to electricity yet

Many faulty solar systems have hindered the accelerated adoption of solar energy. A visit to many health centers in Uganda will present you with several installed solar systems that have failed, the worst part is that these expensive installations may only need a little to keep delivering the intended value. But due to the high upfront and unsustainable costs, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) are largely ignored, leading to these failed solar systems and causing dissatisfaction among end users.

Since 2019, Innovex has worked with several solar companies in Uganda to improve their operation and maintenance activities. Further, Innovex has now introduced dedicated technician training on the use of digital tools that reduce O&M costs.

In partnership with Sendea which has so far killed over 260 technicians with solar technical skills in Uganda, Innovex has so far delivered 3 such technician training and intends to scale this to 1 more training before the close of the year. Learnings from this inaugural training will enable Sendea to incorporate O&M’s best practices using digital technologies into its training curriculum.

So far, over 40 technicians have been trained, and Innovex is looking to train more pre-qualified technicians from all parts of the country.

About Innovex

Innovex (U) Limited is helping solar companies fix problems around the operation and maintenance of their installations and more. Innovex specializes in the manufacture and supply of Internet of Things(IoT) hardware. Innovex’s flagship device, the DAVIX, is integrated with a cloud-based web service to facilitate remote monitoring and PayGo services for solar-for-productive use systems and solar-powered equipment (e.g., solar-powered maize mills).

The integrated system, called ‘Remot’ (, is used by more than 1200 clients in Eastern Africa.

Jennifer Tugume 

Communication & Marketing Associate

Innovex (U) Ltd


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