REMOT enabled solar energy for schools, health centres, businesses and farmers.

REMOT is an IoT cloud-based platform organisations and businesses use to operate and maintain solar and equipment installations effectively. Our Remote Energy Management and Monitoring Technology, REMOT, delivers digital solutions for off-grid Photovoltaic (PV) installations of different types, use cases, and sizes, in solar home systems and solar-for-productive use settings. 

A cloud-based web portal plus low-cost, adaptable smart IoT hardware for any size, brand and make of solar installation. Through our web portal platform, the user can monitor the health of their system in real-time, and pre-empt potential failures of system components, thus improving overall system reliability.

Easy integration

Real-time monitoring

Fault prediction

50% reduction in field trips to sites

15% savings on maintenance costs


Enable 1000 solar companies to scale to 500,000 homes, power 100,000 rural businesses, and reach 50,000 farmers across 25 African countries by 2025.


Transforming the distribution of off-grid energy systems and equipment using digital tools

They work with us

Use cases

Solar Systems

Solar Water Pumps

Cold Storage

Other solar-powered equipment


Reduced asset deployment risks

Control system remotely

Making products accessible through Pay Go

Real-time visibility of installed system

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